Tore Klevjer

Tore has been a counsellor and educator for 25 years. He brings a career as a paramedic, and an excellent understanding of cross cultural and religious influences to the counselling experience.

Tore’s area of expertise is in the area of coercive influence, and the damage and trauma that is the result of exploitation by ‘high demand’ or ‘totalistic’ ideologies otherwise known as cults. Tore has lived experience and has been involved with creating awareness around the topic since 1990. Tore has been a part of two documentaries ‘Beyond our Ken’ and ‘Visions of Paradise’ Ronin Films and has acted as a consultant to media on numerous occasions.

Tore provides education and support on the topic of ‘totalistic’ or extremist groups, and currently  co-facilitates workshops for individuals who have been adversely affected by religious extremism (or cults). Tore also works extensively with families who have lost contact with loved ones due to religious extremism.

• Confidentiality
• Understanding
• A safe place to explore (your thoughts, your goals, change)
• Reasonable rates
• Adaptable approach. (This includes a mobile service, skype and telephone counselling)

Tore provides a flexible counselling service in the Wollongong area, as well as national, and in some cases international counselling, via chat platforms such as Skype or Zoom.

Tore provides critical incident support to paramedics and emergency workers.

Tore is a well-rounded counsellor providing counselling for most of life’s dilemmas while specialising in:

  • Religious Abuse issues /aka cults
  • Domestic violence / relationship issues
  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Grief and loss

Tore has
Registration with the ‘Australian Community Counselling Association’ ACCA
Bachelor of Applied Social Science Counselling,
Diploma of Professional Counselling in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Cert IV in Training and Assessment.
Current Chairperson; ‘Cult Information Family Support Inc.’